Your membership at is required for every player and allows us to place players on a roster. 

[For all returning players from last spring log into your existing account and follow steps 1-3 and 7-10.  No need to email the USAultimate ID as we have the ID number from last year]:

  1. Go to →
  2. Click on the “Membership” tab near the upper right of the page.
  3. Click on “Login/Create Account” near the upper left of the page.
  4. Near the bottom of this page click on “Create your new online USAU account” or “New member signup”
  5. Choose the first option.  Click “Continue”.
  6. Fill out all of the required information.
  7. An e-mail will be sent containing your login ID and password.  Return to the “Login Page” and login.
  8. Click on “Pay Membership Online”.  You will need a paypal account.
  9. Choose the “Youth Membership” for $34.50 and scroll down to the “Pay with PayPal” Button.
  10. Once complete your account should be active.
  11. Copy your 6 digit USAultimate ID# and email it with your name to