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Highly competitive.

Mounds View Ultimate is among the strongest programs in the country for youth Ultimate. We have even competed internationally. When their time with us is done, our alumni often go on to play for elite college teams.

Incredibly fun.

Everyone is welcome, we do not make cuts. The camaraderie and community of Mounds View Ultimate is sure to form new friendships. After joining many players realize that playing Ultimate was one of the best decisions of their life.

When We Play.

Our official season starts in February when we begin practicing indoors in preparation for the spring season. Mounds View Ultimate has weekly games, regular practices and a few weekend tournaments before the High School State Tournament in June.

People are busy, and we've accounted for that. Our calendar is updated constantly so players and fans know when to show up.

Calendar →


This is not a sport where players run around barefoot. Athletic cleats are required for all players (no metal spikes please). Outside of footwear only a white and dark shirt are required for practice. Additional recommended equipment (not required) includes: Ultrastar 175g disc, water bottle, sport bag and compression shorts.


Fee Summary & Due Date.

  1. The Player will be responsible for signing up for Mounds View Ultimate through Mounds View Public Schools Community Education and paying a $5 fee prior to being allowed to practice with the team.

  2. The Activity Fee for Ultimate will be $325 ($550 if signing up 2+ family members) which includes uniform (green and white jerseys, one pair of shorts and a disc), tournament costs, league fee, coaches cost (membership, certification and background check) and field rental.  Due at the mandatory parent/student Meeting on February 21st in the MVHS auditorium.  A late fee of $10 will be assessed after February 28st.

  3. Register on Minnesotaultimate.org.  Pay the $38.00 USAU membership fee on this website.  Print and sign all waivers and bring them with you to the meeting on February 21st.  For the Medical release for, please enter MOUNDS VIEW COACHES as the chaperone.

  4. Hotel and/or transportation costs for away tournaments will be additional.  

Sign up and join us!  Here's how:

Step One:

Sign up for Mounds View Ultimate through Community Education →

  1. You must use your parents information to set up an account/sign in.

  2. Then add yourself as a participant to sign up for Ultimate.

  3. You will need a credit/debit card to pay the $5 fee.

Step Two:

Sign up through MinnesotaUltimate.org->

Instructions for registering as and individual on a team->

  1. Find the "Events" tab on the top of the screen and click it.

  2. Scroll down until you find "2019 High School Spring League". Click it.

  3. Click "Register" on the left hand column. Then select "Register Yourself" and select "Mounds View" from the list.

  4. Print out"USAU Waiver 2019", fill out, sign & bring to the mandatory parent/student meeting on February 21st.

  5. Read liability & waiver form on the website & check agree after you have read it.

Find your USA Ultimate (USAU) number:

  1. Go to MinnesotaUltimate.org.

  2. Sign in if you are not already.

  3. Mouse over your name in the upper right and click on "Account" in the drop down menu.

  4. Click on "Membership" under the "About" section on the left hand column.

  5. Under "ID" you should see a 6-digit number--that is your USAU Number.

  6. Remember that number because you will need for the form it in Step 3.

Step Three:

Print, fill out and bring to the February 21st Parent Information Meeting these forms:

  1. USA Ultimate Medical Authorization Form.

  2. Code of Conduct form.

Login into a Gmail account and fill out this form: Click Here

Step Four:

Pay the Activity Fee of $325 ($550 if signing up 2+ family members) by check:

  1. Check. Make out to Mounds View Ultimate and bring to the February 21st Parent Information Meeting.

  2. After 2/22/18 there will be a late fee of $10. $335 ($570 if signing up 2+ family members) by check.

Step Five:

If you missed the Parent Information Meeting, turn the following in to the coaches 30 minutes prior next practice on February 26th.

  1. Turn in all the forms from Step 3.

  2. Payment

8th Grade Players:

Please contact Boys Coach at: smith@mvultimate.org

Or Contact Girls Coach at: helm@mvultimate.org